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Here are two charts that describe the
Home Buying Process &
 How I Work for You:

Reasons to use a real estate agent to purchase your home:

A home is the focal point of our life, used to entertain, work and live our daily lives. Our home gives us special memories that can last a lifetime. Why would anyone risk the most expensive purchase in their lifetime by not using a real estate agent? REALTORS® are active members of the National Association of REALTORS®. It's an exclusive group and being admitted is contingent on each Realtor having a high level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate, keeping up to date with Real Estate Law through continuing education, and fulfilling certain professional and ethical requirements. Buying a home with the advice of the experts in the profession can be extremely helpful.

Why use a real estate agent? You are savvy, computer literate and well-read so of course you can handle selling or purchasing a home, right?. But why should you? Buying a home costs lots of money: maintaining the home and fixing up and decorating it is a lifetime expense. A real estate agent is very experienced and isn't just a sales person; we are experts in a very special industry.

There are two types of agents-- buyer's agents and seller's agents. If you are a buyer working directly with the seller's agent, be careful not to reveal your ceiling price on any home offer. Remember, a seller's agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller; a new home salesperson is only working for their builder; an Owner selling their own home (FSBO) is only looking out for their own interests, in which case there can be legal issues as well as procedures and safeguards that neither side may not be aware of, even if they have bought and sold property before. Each area, neighborhood and home is unique and need to have a professional eye to make sure all possible issues are addressed.

For example:

  • · In Arizona the Contract is a legally binding 9 page document, you must understand what it says, even the “boiler plate” sections.
  • · Time Frames, Inspections, Appraisals, and Financing Requirements need to be established, completed and fulfilled.
  • · Properties in a Subdivision have pages of CC&Rs that will impact how you can & can not use your property.
  • · Properties in a Subdivision may be under HOA regulations with additional yearly fees or age restrictions.
  • · Escrow must be started to proceed with a sale. Title Reports are lengthy documents which can affect ownership.
  • · Financing coordination is a must in a real estate transaction, a Realtor helps with this process.
  • · Disclosure forms such as Affidavit of Disclosure or the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure form can be required by law.
  • · Property Tax issues may need to be addressed.
  • · There are a variety of Inspections that may be needed depending on the property.

A buyer's agent will be your fiduciary advocate and will ultimately save you money. How? We are well-trained, experienced and will advise you on what to observe in each room of the homes that you view. The real estate agent is like a fly on the wall giving objective advice on the status of the home without getting emotionally involved in the final selection. The real estate agent will state what they observe as potential problems in the home. The agent is your advocate in your real estate transaction. We will scour through the multiple listing service and advise you on suitable homes in your price range.

Real estate agents are your top resource in purchasing your home, as we have many services available to research a neighborhood, school system or particular home. All of these factors are important in your decision process of choosing the home you may live in for decades.

Real estate agents will also give you an overview of financing options and can help you negotiate any offers to sellers. Using a real estate agent to buy or sell your home is a win-win situation for success in home purchase or sale. 

Working with a real estate agent or realtor is a yes all the way. The experts in real estate have intense training, coaching and experience. It's almost a sure thing your professional real estate agent will help you to find the golden key you are searching for in a home.

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Please help me help you... a few things my clients should know:

1.  You don't have to wait to see a home during an Open House, I can get you in!  If the home is occupied I will first arrange an appointment for us to view it together.
2.  Please give me a bit of advanced notice when you'd like to look at homes so I can put you on my schedule, or plan to have another Realtor on my team help you if I'm booked.  
3.  In the case that your new home purchase is contingent upon selling another property please know:  Rarely will a seller accept your offer if your property isn't on the market.  The best practice is for it to be in ESCROW/Pending Sale before presenting an offer on a new home.

I'm happy to explain these points in more detail, just give me a call so I can answer your question about the home buying process