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When it's time to move, you need someone who will advertise your home, show it to prospective buyers, negotiate the purchase contract, oversee the inspections, handle all necessary paperwork and supervise the closing. I can take care of everything you need, from start to close. Electronic documents and e-signing assure a simple and quick transaction which helps you get what you desire with ease.

Consult on Home Selling
Often times buyers don't visualize living in your home the way you do. The key is to make your home attractive to its ideal audience. Things like staging the home, making repairs or minor improvements, or even simply painting the walls can be the difference between a home resting on the market and one that's sold fast. I dig deep to learn the unique selling points of your property and neighborhood, so my marketing plans effectively attract your potential buyers. It’s a formula for success for you.

Real Estate lingo is full of Acronyms, check out these commonly used ones:
CMA - Comparable Market Analysis, let us tell you what the market value of a home is by comparing it to similar homes in the neighborhood.
BINSR - Buyer's Inspection Notice Seller's Response, this form is used when the seller & buyer have an accepted offer, and after a home inspection was completed so a buyer can either 1. request the seller make repairs, or 2. request credits from the seller for any issues revealed during the inspections, or 3. reject the home and cancel the contract.
SPDS - Seller Property Disclosure Statement, a 7 page form with questions for the seller regarding the home they are selling to be given to a buyer.
CLUE - Home Owners Insurance history report to be given to the home buyer from the seller.
CC&Rs - Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, rules that govern a subdivision.
HOA - Home Owner Association, the folks that enforce the CC&Rs. There is usually a monthly/quarterly/yearly fee required.

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